PAX Unplugged Wrap Up

PAX Unplugged Wrap Up

PAX Unplugged was our first experience involving our game and anyone outside of close friends. I speak for Eric and myself when I say that we had no idea what to anticipate. We had a few miscommunications when it came to where/when/how we were going to be able to play test our game. Obviously that […]

ATK at PAX Unplugged

ATK! at PAX Unplugged!

We are excited to announce that we will be attending PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, PA on Nov. 17th through the 19th. We will have pre-production games with us and hoping to have as many play testers as possible. This journey of ours has been long and we are so excited to have this opportunity! For […]

ATK! Creators

Meet the Creators

ATK! The Board Game is a game created by ATK Gaming LLC. ATK Gaming is made up of two individuals, Eric Streed and Andy Zeller. Eric is the Primary Artist and Character Developer for ATK. He has handled almost every 3D modeling task as well as creating each of the faces behind the ATK! Heroes. […]

ATK! Starter Hero List

Starter Hero Complete List

Below is the full list of the ATK! starter Heroes. Included is the Hero’s gem type and their Hero type as well. Fin – Water Gem Hero – Heavy Hitter Squatch – Land Gem Hero – Balanced Tik – Fire Gem Hero – Balanced Twist – Sky Gem Hero – Balanced Astro – Water Gem […]