ATK! Lore

Since the dawn of time creatures have inhabited earth in search of their purpose. In the year 2150 the Human race had extended its reach beyond their founding planet. Upon discovering the planet of Osiris, the Human race would forever change.


The planet Osiris was a traveling planet that had finally found it’s path to intersect Earth. Humans were hesitant to investigate the planet or it’s inhabitants. Before Humans had a chance to distinguish their intentions they were visited by a delegate from the passengers.


The liaison, June, met with the leaders of the planet to discuss their planet and what it entailed. June spoke of a traveling planet that was host to the largest galactic competition known. The planet hosted beings of all shapes and sizes that had developed to participate in the challenge.


Quickly overwhelmed by the information, the Earth’s ambassador Archer asked her to disclose more details of the intent June rested her breath and began the tale of her native world.


Osiris was a copious planet strikingly similar to Earth. All of the properties were precise explaining June’s swift arrival. The inhabitants however were vastly different from Earth’s. She spoke of descendants of animal like beings that also had characteristics of Humans. Each of the Osirans had extensive genealogical history. She detailed the cycle of their lives.


On Osiris, each being is birthed with a pebble. Thought to be delivered by the gods of the elements, each pebble was inherited based upon their ancestry and their elemental power. Inhabitants of the land, would acquire the land pebble. Born in the sea, the Osirans would birth with the sea pebble. Sky inhabitants would receive their sky pebble. The final breed of Osirans would be those capable of fire properties. They would obtain the fire pebbles upon birth.


Archer had grown weary of the immensity of the tale and background, but remained intrigued as June continued. Each Osiran was guided by volition and their own unique destiny. Through the course of their lives they would develop their pebbles into different stones, the superlative accomplishment, a gem.


It took endless determination and dedication to achieve such a task. Through vigorous training and determination the Osirans would aim to become Heroes. The warriors would have to battle opponents in competitive challenges all while preserving the powers of their elements. One of the most daunting tasks to become a Hero would be overcoming the weaknesses of their elemental powers against others. Certain elements would have qualities that became weak against other element types.


Once an Osiran had developed their pebble into a gem they became a Hero that would be able to participate in the galactic renown competition, the ATK! Tournament. The planet would travel to different planets to select the most intellectual beings to command armies of the Heroes to battle head to head to rule champion teams. The Champions from each planet that won would be awarded a celebrated galactic status of command. Now familiar with her intentions, Archer would quickly look to assemble the finest participants to represent planet Earth.

Are you worthy of the opportunity to win the ultimate competition?